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For many a years, we have helped a ton of entrepreneurs launch their Start Ups and take it to a point of manageable growth. We find working with startups most exciting and we absolutely love it! Having worked with so many of them we have perfected an engine for prototyping new ideas at a rapid pace. We can get a working prototype out for a start up idea in 3-4 weeks of time at a minimal cost. We are a one stop shop for launching ideas and we take care of UI Design, Mobile App Development and some really heavy lifting backend work. We will build your prototype for 5K USD and 4 Weeks. We have converted 20+ ideas into start ups.

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Our 3 Step Start Up Prototyping Process

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The Right Kind of Ideas

We are looking to work with entrepreneurs who are trying to create a new businesses through innovative ideas. Here are a few things that we would gauge the idea on before accepting it for prototyping.

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